Creating Art in an Arts District

_MG_7704 Layers NIK DPlease click on the image above to see the gallery:

Arts districts have countless forms of art from painting and sculpture to music and song to acting and environment — even buildings in their totality might appear as art. Not wanting to encroach on other people’s art, I look for something different and something perhaps hidden in our mind’s eye.

I want to capture those things that are unique and special. The lines, surfaces, textures, curves and colors which come together can create a pleasing balance of form and rhythm. These images provide the opportunity for interpretation by the viewer. When the mind is left to its own dimensions and its own discretions new visions and new thoughts develop.

So, join me for a walk down the street and see if we can experience the joy of finding the different, the unusual and the beautiful. Here are a few images for your contemplation, interpretation and pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.

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3 Responses to Creating Art in an Arts District

  1. Bob LaForte says:

    Boy this is really good natural abstract art/photography. I really like #5. I can’t copy it, so I can’t show which I mean, but numbering horizontally from left to right from the top it is #5, the one with the staircase.

  2. Bob: This particular image of the Arts District says so much! It’s beautifully crafted and, well, just beautiful! Congratulations. Carolyn Brown

  3. bob johnson jr says:

    all very cool, hyper modern. number 5 is awesome, it’s a photographic MC Escher!

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