Deep Ellum

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Located in the shadow of downtown Dallas, east of Interstate 45 and Central Expressway, is a commercial area known as Deep Ellum. It has the remnants of the state’s largest collection of one and two-story store fronts. Deep Ellum was the center for Texas blues and jazz during the 1920s and 1930s. During this time one could find a mixture of pawn shops, drug stores, pool halls, tea rooms, gun shops, a small hotel or two and a mixture of bars and all night music spots.

This commercial neighborhood has gone through several phases, first of which the original buildings were constructed for a specific uses. During the building boom of the late twentieth century, the area became a candidate for the wrecking ball. Then in recent years, some local groups have been working to preserve the buildings in their architectural form.

I found most of the buildings having contrasting elements of their original building structure and additional cosmetic “dress up” features along with newer structural layers which have been added over the years. In studying the area, my objective was to look for various design elements of form, shape, texture, line and color that I could capture creating images that exist independent of the realism of the buildings. In the time spent in the area I could feel Deep Ellum’s struggle for survival and preservation. The gallery presented shows a selection of the images that were created.  I hope you enjoy them.

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4 Responses to Deep Ellum

  1. Nice juxtaposition of old and new elements. Close cropping of graphical elements helps us see what we might not have noticed in a wider shot.

  2. TJohnson says:

    Deep Ellum #16 is an awesome looking photo. How much$?

  3. Bob LaForte says:

    Dazzling. Without doubt the best.

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