Evening in Dallas

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The last glow of light
Near the close of day
When hues of orange and blue,
Show for just a moment.

There in the distance
Glass and metal,
Making their reflected comment
With secrets hidden inside.

Who put them there,
Why do they exist,
Is anyone there during the glow
To see this magical time.

Burdens are lifted
And life goes on
As night closes and
Rest comes for another day.

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3 Responses to Evening in Dallas

  1. Pam says:

    Love this one, it would be gorgeous made into a huge poster on the machine Taylor !

  2. When one is gifted in one art, they are often gifted in many. Your photograph and description are a perfect example of not only your multi-talents, but certainly the beauty of evening. Thank you. Carolyn

    • Bob LaForte says:

      I don’t think an appreciation of Johnson’s work could be summarized any better in two sentence than is stated here.

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