Lake of the Cypress Trees

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Caddo Lake, the only natural lake in Texas, shows its different beauty during each season. This Texas lake has more than 26,000 acres and crosses into Louisiana. Bald cypress trees scatter throughout the lake. These photographic images were captured during the middle of winter when the trees show a unique beauty that transcends this silent land.

Four distinct seasons greet visitors during the year. The greening of spring shows the hope of the future when summer brings colorful blooms of water lilies to show off the season. Fall shows its variable display as temperatures begin their decent. To a photographer cypress trees have a multilayered personality with their changing shapes, colors, textures and structure. Sunrise and sunset magnify these variations.

East Texas is a land of its own with a few small villages scattered throughout where time seems to have stopped, light years away from busy large cities. Interesting personalities and buildings show the rich culture of the area.

The photographer who captures images from only one season has his work unfinished until all four can be completed.

I hope you like them.

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