Monochrome Variations

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The dynamic range of tones, from the darkest black detail to the lightest structure, allows one’s mind to expand its understanding of the presentation. Shadowy shapes balance their stronger lighted cousins while the tones in the middle harmonize or can intentionally inject dissonance into the entire arrangement. A hint of sepia can add an appearance of aging or other speculation. This genre of photography provides a very special experience.

Presented here is a selection of images I hope you will enjoy.

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6 Responses to Monochrome Variations

  1. David H-W says:

    Some strong b&w work here – love the trees in the water shot

  2. Melissa Albert says:

    I absolutely love the Winter S-Curve so beautiful. I love the movement in that frame.

  3. Wonderful contrast. The white tones are so remarkable on this image. Great work!

  4. Paul says:

    Good job Bob

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