Oregon Waters

Oregon-2Please click on image above to see the gallery.

The tranquility of Oregon waters and landscape scenery inspire a meditative life. The coastal waters paint the entire western coastline with views of lines, textures, shapes and colors. Mounds of rock, formed by lava flows, scatter interesting shapes and sizes along the coast. Many seem to resemble large haystacks in a field.

Toward the north, along the Columbia River, many waterfalls find surfaces, angles and sudden drops in elevation and display a variety of plunging water systems, escaping eventually into the river.

The humid ecosystem provides enough moisture to the entire area sustaining a large variety of vegetation and mineral formation along with terrestrial and aquatic life. Combined with scenes of water, this ecosystem creates a display of never ending beauty.

Here is a sampling of the images collected from this area, presented both in color and black and white. I hope you enjoy them.

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