The “Painted Churches” of Texas

Painted Churches-3
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German and Czech immigrants came to east central Texas starting in the mid nineteenth century.  These folks were farmers, ranchers and crafts people with many skills.  Their backgrounds in wood working, metal work, stone masonry, painting and many other fine detailed crafts allowed them to construct buildings of the finest quality.

The Germans typically were Lutheran and the Czechs were Catholic, each seeking to build churches convenient to their farms and ranches.  The churches were built in the country close to where the immigrants settled.  As one drives through the back roads between Schulenburg and LaGrange as many as a dozen church spires can be seen throughout the countryside.

Each church has a unique structure and style, elaborately constructed both inside and out.  Each has been maintained superbly.  There is evidence that the pews are filled routinely.  The churchyard shows evidence of social gatherings with their outdoor pavilions and well maintained landscapes.

When I photographed these churches I tried to portray the past as well as the present spiritual continuity.  These images show the results of people who brought their faith and religion with them and maintained it to the present day.

I hope you enjoy them.

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4 Responses to The “Painted Churches” of Texas

  1. Very nice body of work for the painted churches. Each has a real beauty, whether it’s rather plain or ornate, and the beauty comes through in the photos.

  2. chris says:

    is the photo of the church an HDR image?

    • Bob Johnson says:

      Yes, the church image was shot using HDR. however, I had a mask from one of the images to show the flags, to get rid of the ghosting.

  3. Lynn Johnson says:

    I haven’t seen these churches but after viewing them here I would very much like to see them. The images are lovely.

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