Texas Maples in the Fall

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In the south central part of Texas lies a few natural areas with outstanding examples of the Edwards Plateau flora. These areas are a combination of steep, rugged limestone canyons, springs, plateau grasslands, wooded slopes, and clear streams. With less rainfall than the New England area it is completely different in appearance and color.  These areas feature large, isolated stands of the uncommon Uvalde Bigtooth Maple, whose fall foliage can be spectacular.

The blazing red spectrum of the ending presentation of these maple trees warms the soul during the cool fall days. Their solo voices rising in harmony among other trees in the forest can match any symphony. Only for a moment will they show their fleeting hues. To be in the presence of this special performance and be able to create fine art images is a rare experience.

Here is a selection of images to share these magical scenes. I hope you enjoy them.

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